Monday, September 30, 2013

Sunday AM breakfast - Denver, CO

Lexey's parents, Barb and Ken, put together a really nice breakfast for Sunday morning. It was on the 35th (I think?!) floor of the building next door to the hotel in downtown Denver... the breakfast included great views, great food, and even better people!

Dad and Mom both loved baby Alila... well, everyone did! She's so cute...

Buddies - Lenny and Mr. BEAN!

Alila and daddy Ben

Aiden-as-Batman and his great-grandpa, Poppy

Ha - notice that out of 5 photos with people in them... 3 include baby Alila. She is SO cute and easygoing! Alila is Ben and Mel's daughter... they came all the way from New Zealand for the wedding!! It was great to see them.

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