Tuesday, September 24, 2013

dairy vending machine, Opera

Well... I've done it!

...I bought something (TWO somethings!) from the dairy vending machine in town. ...Hilarious.

I ended up (on another teacher's recommendation) getting fresh mozzarella di bufala... and then also chose to get some kind of marmalade...

 Cheeses, rice, yogurt, milk jugs for the milk dispenser... all from a vending machine!

Mmmm... the fresh mozzarella turned out to be lovely. I used most of it later that day (Sunday) to make a caprese salad (tomatoes and basil from the market!)... which I brought to Ali and Todd's place. Ali made pasta with sauce... and it was really nice to have dinner together. (Jesye came too - we are all new to Milan AND all from Upstate New York! Whoop! Whoop!) 

I wanted some jam to have with my (plentiful collection of) market cheeses and crackers...
This looked good... but when I get home and tried it... well, I couldn't really place the flavor.
Looking up what cipolla means... onion
HA! I ended up with onion marmalade. Reading about it... it is traditionally Italian and goes well on meats and things. ...Not so good with cheese and crackers, hahaha.

My new goods on the cow bench...

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