Sunday, September 8, 2013

yesterday in the city...

Yesterday I went into the city and met up with a returning teacher. She was kind enough to show me how I can take public transportation the entire way to the Malpensa Airport. There's another airport in Milan that is much closer... but most international flights to the States go out of Malpensa.

Basically, here's my route...

222 bus from Opera
24 tram to the Duomo
downstairs to the metro
red or yellow line to Cadorna
leave the metro -- go to the train station
buy an express Malpensa ticket, 11 euro
train to Malpensa Airport!

...I can, I can, I can. (...I'll be going on this adventure Wednesday morning, as I head home to Denver for my brother's WEDDING!)  :D

Below are some pictures from my time in the city yesterday... (after getting to the Cadorna stop, we walked back to the Duomo)...

Pretty sure this just means that there are books in English...

We walked by some sort of mini parade...
(Nice how the one guy is simply in sneakers...)

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