Sunday, September 29, 2013

the adventure continues! ...going to the reception, Denver, CO

Lenny and Lexey re-planned their wedding in a day...

They booked rooms at the Hyatt downtown... and the reception was at Maggiano's in Englewood, CO.

L & L provided lightrail tickets at the hotel for people to get to the reception by public transportation... perfect!

We went to the lightrail stop downtown, to find a sign that says this line was closed just this weekend -- of course!

Soooo... we walked back a couple blocks to catch a free shuttle bus to take us to the stop.

The bus driver told us that only one wheelchair could fit on the bus... and we had 3.

...All-in-all ...we DID get all 3 wheelchairs onto the bus to stick together on the journey. (Nothing like sneaking a wheelchair onto a bus! Haha)

On the bus to a working lightrail line:

We then made it to the lightrail stop. 

It's raining by now. Steadily...

Our train came... we all got on (including the 3 wheelchairs)... only to be told that the sign label on the front of the train was wrong (broken) and it was NOT the train that we needed to take us to Englewood!

All get off... still raining...

A few minutes later another train came along and this time (thankfully!) it was the correct one.

On the lightrail from Denver to Englewood for the reception...

Estimating, we probably rode the lightrail for about 30 minutes or so. My favorite was when Poppy asked, "Are you sure we're still in Colorado?!"

And another favorite... is that this was the first time everyone was able to get a view of the mountains! It had been about 3 or 4 days... and Uncle Bubby said, "I kept hearing all of this about there being mountains, but I was beginning to doubt that there were any!"

The adventure continues -- but we're making progress!
Crossing the highway from the lightrail stop to Maggiano's...
And everyone's in good spirits, laughing, and ready to party!  : D

Walking to Maggiano's got pretty muddy... 

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