Friday, November 7, 2014

foggy foggy foggy frenchonionsoup!

Both Saturday and Sunday mornings were incredibly foggy last weekend. I took a photo to attempt to show... well... not much... there wasn't much to see!

That is the view from my balcony... the trees lining the street can just be made out... but the farm across the way seems non-existent... instead, there is a wall of clouds. Pretty cool - especially when I was planning on a comfy, relaxing morning inside my apartment anyway.

...It was the perfect, chilly weekend to make french onion soup in the crockpot and drink plenty of coffee while it cooked! Mmmmmmhmmmmm   : )

I then enjoyed the soup all week and, thankfully, the fog cleared up about mid-day each day.

The weather has actually been really nice lately... untillllllll this past week (since the foggy weekend!).

I haven't been checking the weather forecast - but Dad does for me!

Hilariously... I received the following email (entire email copied and pasted below) last Sunday evening from my dad, with the subject of: Weather:


It looks like your stretch of fabulous weather is coming to a horrible end!


Bahahahahahaha. Hilariously, and yet so sadly, true. The next day (Monday) it began to rain... and it didn't stop for days. Thankfully, I'm in Seville, Spain now (WHAT?! - YES!! I will blog more about that later... I am here for a conference and a school visit)... it did (ALSO) rain here earlier today but I was inside at that time anyway. When I went on a walking tour and then my own photo-ing tour in the evening, it was lovely outside.

Thanks for the heads-up Dad! It actually really helped me out -- both mentally (saying goodbye to the nice weather and being prepared for the not-so-nice), as well as physically (I packed my umbrella!).

Dad, I love you! I'll see you and Mom NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!   : D

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  1. He is my weather consultant too! He always knows if I need to bring a jacket, etc.