Sunday, November 16, 2014

Seville, Spain - day 1

About a week ago I went to Seville, Spain for a conference. The Mediterranean Association of International Schools (MAIS) held its annual conference in lovely Seville and it was a pleasure attending the conference and mixing in time to explore the city.

Below are some photos from a walking tour that was offered after the day's workshop sessions... and then my own walking adventures a bit later on:

I really love the colors and tiling throughout the city!

The Seville Cathedral was absolutely stunning. Wow. It is gothic and has so many pieces and details to the building... I stood staring for quite some time.

Standing to take this next photo, I was just in front of the Royal Alcazar... a royal palace.

A really pretty roundabout at the perfect time of night...

I walked back to the hotel through a park, which was currently having an international festival... goods and foods from around the world lined a number of aisles of tents and tables. I had a deeeelicious gyro for dinner from here! The special entrance for the festival is shown below:

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