Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mom, Dad, Angela, BRUSSELS!

Our few days in Brussels were great. My presentation with Mom at the conference went really well... and the rest of the conference was solid. Angela was there too! She is not only a great friend of mine in Milan but also the elementary librarian this year! We began at ASM together last school year... she was a 2nd grade teacher... and it's been really great to have her be part of the Library's team now (thankfully, she loves the change too!).

Out for dinner... sidewalk-style in Brussels:

Angela had mussels in Brussels!

Dad stuck to pasta bolognese... 

The friends that my dad just spent time with in Cork, Ireland (just before coming to Brussels) have friends from Ireland that have been living in Brussels for a number of years now. They put my parents in touch with these friends and we went to their place for a lovely dinner after the conference our first night! It was great. A really nice family... and a delicious, home-cooked meal.

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