Sunday, November 16, 2014

Seville, Spain - day 2

Seville is a really beautiful city. I was lucky during my two days there - the weather was beautiful.

After the second day of workshop sessions at the MAIS conference, I decided that my outing before dark would be to a huge park. The Maria Louisa Park turned up on suggestions of places to see in Seville and it happened to be very close to my hotel... the park was definitely work the visit!

On the short walk from the hotel to the park:

Definitely a favorite piece of mine within the park is the Plaza de Espana.

There were many people walking around, taking photos, going for a boat ride, riding in a horse-drawn carriage... all lovely ways to escape a city and enjoy a beautiful plaza in a park.

Within and around the Plaza de America, there were tons and tons of rose gardens! ...of all different colors!

This is a gorgeous museum within the Plaza de America... within the Maria Louisa Park.

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