Tuesday, November 18, 2014

it's a small world sometimes...

It really is a small world sometimes... and this showed a number of times while I was recently in Spain.

The Librarian working at the American School of Madrid, whom I met with last week to learn about a resource... she moved from Denver, Colorado when she moved abroad (me too!).

She also went to the University of Denver for her Masters in Library and Information Science (me too!).

A high school science teacher that taught at the same school as I did in Vietnam (we began together and both left after our two year contract was completed)... now works at the American School of Madrid. I grabbed a ride to school with her in the morning and we were able to catch up a bit.

A teacher from my current school called me early Monday morning to see if I could cover his after school club, as he was not able to make it to school at the last-minute... I told him that I would have but was in Madrid... he then said that he knows someone there...

...turns out the guy he knows used to work at our school in Milan ...and has now been teaching at the American School of Madrid for a number of years ...he put the two of us in touch and I met up with him and some of his friends that evening in the city!

Finally... during my visit at the American School of Madrid, I was having lunch with some of the teachers. Turns out that the guy sitting next to me grew up just north of the city of Denver... having gone to elementary school where I began my teaching career!!!! He went to Leroy Drive Elementary in Northglenn, Colorado. No way!

Crazy, small world sometimes. Wow.   : )

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