Sunday, November 16, 2014

Madrid's city buildings

Madrid's city buildings are gorgeous. I really enjoyed the architecture of this city.

Look at those entrances!!

The next three photos were all taken on Gran Via - the main road of the city... and where my hotel was located!

Well, I've never seen THREE palaces within on plaza... but this is the case in Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid. Amazing. The palace shown in the photo below is the most impressive of the three (in my opinion)... and, funny enough, this building apparently started out as the postal service's headquarters! This palace is Cybele Palace but used to be known as The Palace of Communications (Comunicaciones) until 2011.

A view back towards Gran Via (as I am heading to Retiro Park)... and Linares Palace can be seen on the left (...this plaza's second palace of three... crazy).

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