Friday, November 7, 2014

OLIVES! ...if everyone buys olives, would you buy olives too?!

I was in a large supermarket in the city, Esselunga, picking up some groceries the other night.

While perusing through the produce section and heading into the bakery section, there was an entire case of olives. Yes! All different kinds of olives... marinated olives... green olives, black olives... olives that looked the same as other olives but were apparently different, according to the label... olives, olives, olives ...mmmmmhmmmmm.

I was trying to figure out what kind I should take with me to try...

I walked back and forth along the long case of olives a number of times...

And while doing so, three different elderly Italian people came up to the olive case and each went straight for one type of olives. They were green, they seemed to be marinated with something - to which I assumed had to be a marinade of deliciousness, seeing as how all three people that chose olives while I was there, ALL three, went for this one type.


I completely followed suit.

If these elderly Italians know which type of olives to buy (because apparently they do), then I'm going to trust them!

I scooped up a package of the delicious-looking olives and went on my way.

As soon as I returned to my apartment, I opened this package of olives and was definitely not disappointed! Mmmmmhmmmmm! Delicious.

Here's a photo to make your mouth water a bit...

I've been enjoying these each day since the purchase.

Come visit me in Milan! -- I will feed you delicious green olives!   : P


  1. I love your market research! And, I will definitely come visit you in Milan and have some of your delicious green olives!

  2. I'm usually not a fan of olives...but those look fantastic!