Sunday, November 16, 2014

walking around Madrid, Spain

More photos from lovely Madrid... I was lucky (again!) with the weather. The next day rained the entiiiiire day... but it didn't really matter since I was visiting the American School of Madrid all day anyway. When it was nice outside and I had free time, I really enjoyed walking around the city...

"All you need is coffee."

The cutest hopscotching twins I've ever seen   : )

This is the Alcala Gate... or... Puerta de Alcala...
This monument is in Independence Square and just in front of Retiro Park.

I walked around Parque del Retiro - a HUGE park within the city.
Many people were walking, running, skating, and even rowing... it really was a gorgeous day to enjoy a city park. In the background of the photo below is the Monument to Alfonso XII, who was King of Spain for over a decade in the late 1800's.

This man was making beautiful music in the park. Very talented!
I gladly gave him some coins and he allowed me to take his photo:

EVERY library should have an entrance this beautifully grand!
Biblioteca Nacional de Espana - the National Library of Spain:
(and Yes, I went out of my way to find the national library)    : ) 

Soaking up the sunshine...

A painted building in Plaza Mayor...

Another view of Plaza Mayor...

Family of skeletons on the street...

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