Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ASM Story Time, vol. 2

After the first Story Time in March, I heard from a number of students and teachers that they loved it and wanted more! ...Some even asked we could have Story Time every week! Comments like these... and seeing people excited about stories, pretty much makes me love my job and what I do.

I set up Volume 2 of Story Time to take place after IB exams... end of May.

We had an incredible turnout of high school students!! ...Lacking more of the middle school students, who would rather play video games or run around outside during their free time... to which I understand but still want to work to change just for one day here and there... but overall... another successful event!

It seems that word had spread a bit from the first event and more students now understood that they didn't want to miss the fun.   ; )

Mr. Roper perfected his Southern drawl for reading aloud the book, Tailypo:

Appropriately... the Director of Technology is reading aloud from a tablet:

Mr. Marj reading an all-time favorite of mine and my family's -->
When the Wind Changed...

The Sneetches! - read aloud by Mr. Capello:

Mr. Reiach reading a short story from where he grew up in the Bahamas:

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