Thursday, June 19, 2014

wine weekend brunch - Agriturismo la Torricella

To end the wonderful wine weekend getaway... even though we were still full from the 4-hour, 11-course dinner the night before... we went to a really nice brunch at Agriturismo la Torricella, which was just up the road from the apartments where we spent the night.

Walking to brunch...

Really, really nice food... really, really lovely view... and peaceful too!

This school year has been very demanding... in a good way! I've worked hard... and had felt too overwhelmed to take many weekend trips (even though it's so easy to travel here!). This wine weekend was wonderful. It was relaxing, fun, and filled with good company.

On the drive up, I said in the car, "I just want to lie on the grass in the sunshine with a glass of wine in my hand!" Well... I did pretty much that! I didn't have wine in my hand (and funny that that's what I pictured, as I really don't drink much at all...) but I did take a nap on the grass under the sun --with a stellar view no less!-- and everybody else joined too.   : )   I want a Round 2 of this weekend!

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