Wednesday, June 4, 2014

quick trip to FLORENCE!

A good friend of mine from Vietnam - Kat - now lives in Florence! ...Of all places... I have moved from Saigon to Milan and she moves from Saigon to Florence. We are less than 2 hours away from one another by train. I love it.

Kat is from Sweden and moved to Saigon when she was the fabrics manager for Sweden's biggest shoe company. All-in-all... she is now taking a shoemaking course in Florence! Very cool!

When Kat first made the move, she came by way of Milan and stayed with me for a weekend! (I will post pictures of that visit after posts for this past weekend in Florence with her.) It's been great to be able to catch up and enjoy time together...

Basically - since we are both going home (me to the States and her to Sweden) for the summer holiday, I figured I had better get to see her sooner rather than later! June has completely snuck up on me... so a couple weeks ago, I bought train tickets and stayed with Kat in her lovely apartment for two nights.


Walking around the city makes for a lovely Saturday...

It was fun to have a relaxing weekend of chats, coffees, shopping, walking...

...and also meeting some of Kat's friends! My last evening in Florence, we ended up having an impromptu girls' night... sitting on the steps of an old church in a square... with Prosecco and plastic cups. I love moments like this. One of Kat's roommates was there (a girl from Sweden), as well as a girl from Norway (in the city as an apprentice making cermaics), another girl from Sweden (in a painting course within Kat's same school), and a girl from England, who is in Kat's same course. Living abroad... and the connections that a person can make with people from all over the world, still amazes me.

AND... to top it off... the trip from Milan to Florence is an easy, direct train ride that is 1 hour, 40 minutes long... AND there is free Wifi on the train! Allllllright!

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