Tuesday, June 10, 2014

that weekend in Milan when Kat visited...

Last weekend I took a train to Florence to see my good friend Kat! We met in Vietnam and spent two years hanging out, laughing, drinking tea, talking about boys, and sipping many lattes! Pretty amazing/weird/awesome that we both ended up in Italy this year.

When Kat moved from Saigon to Florence... she came by way of Milan and spent a weekend with me!

Below are some photos from that weekend here in the city:

The lovely Kat with a morning cappuccino and brioche at my favorite cafe in Opera:

Not sure what this white sofa is doing in the Navigli Canal... but I like it!

KATtack along the Navigli

We had a snack while waiting at Centrale for Kat's train to Florence... and some pigeons decided to join us in the restaurant... Uhhhhhhh. Yeah.

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