Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pizza hearts!

The pizza in Italy really is fantastic... whether it originated here or not! I love the fresh-yet-simple ingredients and toppings.

My favorite pizza place in Milan is at the Vigentino bus/tram stop! There's nothing else around... and it seems kind of sketchy... but this place is the best. Jesye and I go quite often. I don't even know the name... but it's a medieval-themed pizzeria... you even have to cross a moat to get inside!

AND... best part? Not only are the pizzas delicious... but they come heart-shaped.  :D

Jesye and Julia

My favorite is the mozzarella di bufala!

Jesye and Victoria

Julie! ...her first night in town...


Always... great pizza, great company, great laughs.   : )

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