Saturday, June 14, 2014

Robert's Bread!

Robert and his wife, Mary, have become close friends of mine in Milan. They have lived in Opera for 14 years now... both used to work at ASM but now Mary is an administrator at another school in the city.

Robert makes a bread, which is simply deeeeelicious! He had a few of us over one weekend morning to show us how to make it... AND then bring us on field trips to three different shops to collect the ingredients! Great weekend activity  : )

All kinds of goodness can go into the Robert's Bread!

Robert in his fantastic kitchen with yummy, freshly baked rolls...


My first try!... ready to go into the oven...

I've made Robert's Bread a number of times since and usually it turns out pretty well! I need to learn to let it sit in the oven a little longer and not think that the tops have gotten burnt. I love love love this break with soft, gooey gorgonzola cheese spread on it! Mmmmmmm

I like making small rolls instead of a big loaf... they bake faster and are easier to cook all of the way through (without ended up with a gooey center). ...But the loaf shown above DID turn out well! (Beginner's luck!)

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