Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ciao-ciao for now Milano!

Well... the school year has ended and I'm on summer vaaaacation!

I head home tomorrow to Upstate New York for a week at my parents' house... and then on to Denver, Colorado for a month at my brother's place ( last 'home' station in the States). I'm very, very much looking forward to time in the States with family and friends. It feels good to know that I'll miss Milan as well though... my friends here, my apartment, and the everyday life happenings.

I've had the pleasure [dripping with sarcasm there...] of sitting through 15 hours of video training... about living in Italy. Yikes. 
The videos are hilariously bad for about the first hour... but then they are just BAD. The trainer didn't even notice the pop-up on the screen (shown below) for quite some time...

I saw my landlord in school this past week and she asked me to put my name on my mailbox.
...I have a mailbox?! Hahaha
Sure enough... I have a small key that I've never used and it works in one of the mailboxes outside my apartment building. Aaaaaand... I had a year's worth of fliers and things stuffed inside. ( --> straight into the recycling bin!)

I received this beautiful mug as an end-of-year present from a kindergarten class.
I love it! So cute and thoughtful.

Ciao-ciao for now Milano!

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