Sunday, June 15, 2014

new friend, new apartment, new librarian!

I enjoy going into the city on Saturdays... where you can find things like this [below] on the subway:

Whenever I go into the city, it's become somewhat of tradition to set up mid-morning coffee plans with my friend Angela. I like little traditions like this. Usually after the coffees and brioches, she and I will then walk around the central part of the city and run little errands, shop... whatever comes up.

Angela is another teacher that began this year at ASM and the two of us have found a friendship of trust and laughter in each other. She was in Barcelona for the past three years and it is bizarre how similar our experiences are to one another when it comes to our last schools. Angela was in an apartment in Opera (the small town near school where I live... just south of the city)... but her apartment had terrible mold that they could not get rid of... so she found a lovely apartment in a great area in the city! I went with her one Saturday morning to get the keys just before moving in and we grabbed coffees and brioches at a cafe in her area.

Below is Angela in the main room of her amazing new apartment!!

Angela has taught 2nd grade this year but in a fantastic turn of events... she will be the elementary librarian next school year!!!! I'm so excited.

I will now be the upper school librarian (instead of whole school) and feel like there is an exciting program to develop there... as well as now being able to focus my energies 100% to one side of the school. With over 750 students, two full-time librarians are really needed. I feel incredibly supported by administration (and the teachers!) in this school... and them adding a position like this really shows me that I am.

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