Saturday, June 14, 2014

student notes, awwww

The elementary school celebrated Kindness Week and in the library we read/discussed Peter Reynolds' books THE DOT and ISH. The students then could draw their own dot, ish, dot-ish drawing to hang up. I'm pretty in love with 3-rd grader Isabella's ISH drawing  : )  ...she made me look quite hip!

The elementary school had Young Author's Day last week, where all students shared their own published books. Family members came for the morning and it was a wonderful event of sharing student work. Afterwards, a first-grade teacher emailed me the following page from one of her student's books... awwww!

A few more notes from students that make my days in Italy even brighter!

Even a couple 'mailed' to me in these amazing handmade envelopes! Second graders were working on letter writing and brainstormed various people they could write a letter two. I received these two lovely letters... and wrote back!

Aaaaand then one of my own notes. I'm a BIG post-it / scrap paper user for reminders and things... as well as a list-maker. Coming back to this note at the end of a school day made me giggle:

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