Wednesday, June 25, 2014

KICKBALL! 1988 style... aaaand 20 years later

Mom and Dad had our old family videotapes turned into DVDs... and gave each of us kids a set for Christmas. AWESOME! I especially love watching these while I'm living abroad.

The photos below are screenshots taken from a video that is of one of the family picnics in Churchville, NY for Mom's side of the family... in 1988. I was four years old... Lenny was 8.   : )

Lenny, Me, and Grandma!
Grandma was captain of a team and chose Lenny and I - thanks Grandma!

Me with Dad   : )

Quite the kick! YEAH!

Three Maiorani's at the plate...
At this point in the video, someone asks who is actually kicking... it was Dad's turn... but I guess Lenny and I were giving him extra support! Ha 

...ready to kick... by standing on the plate  : P

20 years later... and Lenny and I were still playing kickball together! The photo below is from 2009. I began playing kickball in the DKBC (league in Denver) on Lenny's team in 2008... and played until I moved to Vietnam in the summer of 2011. Hilarious that our family tradition continued!

I don't have any screenshots with Sean or Mom... they were on the other team...!

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