Sunday, June 22, 2014

the gown.

ASM's high school graduation ceremony is very nicely done. The students and families seem to have taken to this American tradition... wearing the caps and gowns and all.

I completely understand why a graduation ceremony is important to many people... but it just wasn't a big deal to me when I graduated. I did attend my high school graduation but did not for either my undergraduate or masters degrees. Instead of the ceremony, I enjoyed celebrating with close family and friends over dinner... (And, well, for my undergrad graduation, I was in a parking lot while the traditional song was hummed... after my dad's softball team, which also happens to be the college I attended, finished playing in their regional tournament. I'm still glad I went to the games instead of the ceremony!)

Anyway... the teachers at ASM wear the gown for their furthest degree... and even in their university colors. So... for the first time... I donned the gown for my Library and Information Science degree in the University of Denver colors... and I made sure to take a photo for Mom!

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