Saturday, June 7, 2014

Il Mercato Centrale - Florence

Kat wanted a leather bag from the market... so we headed to Il Mercato Centrale last Saturday afternoon. I love walking through a market! - even though it basically becomes the same goods over and over.

Kat had heard that the upstairs of the indoor portion of the (original) market had been redone with cafes and restaurants. Sounded nice... so went to check it out.

Um. Awesome!

I see what they were going for... and, I think, mission accomplished!

The upstairs of Il Mercato Centrale is gorgeous. The original structure of the market building is still there... with beautiful windows and high ceiling... and now there are really nice cafes, restaurants, a few shops, etc. upstairs.

We bought gelatos and enjoyed a chat at a table for a bit.

(PS - a friend of mine from school in Milan has mentioned a few times that he gets ricotta flavored gelato. I haven't been sold on this idea... but tried a same of ricotta and peach at this gelateria with Kat... and yes! I am not a believer. The ricotta is smooth, creamy, and delicious. ...not cheesey like I feared.)

...And a couple bonus photos from the day:

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