Saturday, October 5, 2013

apartment crawl, part 2 - Opera

After the Grant Wiggins PD, there were plans for part 2 of the Apartment Crawls...

(Part 1 was while I was in Denver for Lenny and Lexey's wedding...)

There is a good number of teachers new to ASM this year... and most of us live in the small town of Opera near the school. During the apartment crawls, we visit 3 or 4 apartments in an evening... starting at one with some drinks and snacks... then all walking over to the next apartment of the evening... etc. It's fun -- a nice, relaxed social evening and a great way to see everyone's place.

...Having seen 4 other teachers' apartments so far makes me realize that mine is pretty boring. Small. And not the greatest. BUT... I still like mine. It's cozy and feels good. And the balcony view is awesome too! Each apartment seems to have its pluses and minuses.

Heath's apartment was first up for the evening and Angela brought him a birthday cake as a little belated celebration! (When she asked him how old he was turning... he told her 83...)   : P

(Some of us didn't wait for the candles before eating the cake... hehehe...)

Angela and Heath!

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