Tuesday, October 8, 2013

my 1st pizza in Italy (this time around)

I have traveled to Italy twice before now... and now I'm (still can't fully believe it) living in Italy!

I've had my share of pizzas in Italy... and last weekend had my first pizza since moving here.

Harris, another new teacher to ASM, and I met at a cafe/restaurant in Opera. Le Centrale is probably going to become a usual of mine! I'm happy that there are a few good cafes in Opera that I am happy to walk to on the weekend.

We each had a cappuccino and then decided to split a pizza. We ordered uno pizza margherita... and I thought that the waiter confirmed with a due pizza but I wasn't sure... so we said, Si, si and continued chatting.

Well... two pizzas DID arrive! Whoops! Not a problem though... we enjoyed and then each had leftovers  : P

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