Friday, October 18, 2013

HUGE grasshopper

Recently, I looked out onto my balcony and saw this HUGE... thing.


Not a pretty thing.

There was a stink bug above it... but really, what IS that big thing?!?!

I posted the picture above to my Facebook wall... and had various responses at thoughts of what this creature might be. A couple friends said a big grasshopper. ...Really?! ...Is that all?! It looks so much... more... EGGHLK.

...But alas, I guess it IS just a grasshopper. A GIANT grasshopper!

The next day... it was still there! Now on top of the balcony railing... I  got a new view...

I guess it does look more like a giant grasshopper now.
It was really weird-looking the first day with it's legs down at its side.

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