Thursday, October 3, 2013


When I first tried making pickles, I had trouble finding hot chili peppers.

Hilariously... I fumbled my way in Italian, asking a man in the produce department at the CoOp for hot chilies (but I apparently used the word 'hot' in reference to the weather and not taste, hehe). He got it after a few tries... and told me, "Try again tomorrow." Perrrrfect.

Surprisingly... there WERE hot chili peppers the next time I was at the CoOp!

Then, this past weekend, I hitched a ride with a teacher (who owns a car!) to Iper... a larger grocery store than CoOp... I wanted to top-up my Internet key and phone... and also picked up a few things at Iper while we were there.

Sweet as she is, Tammy surprised me with a little gift of a package of chili peppers when we got back to Opera. SO sweet! She remembered me asking her if I'd be able to find any out here.

I love my chili bouquet... now safely stored in my freezer...

At lunch today some teachers were talking about how easy it is to make honey mustard dressing.

Hmmm... I'm going to try that next! I'd love to be able to bring some homemade dressing in to go with the salads I've been having at school. (Although... a salad for lunch might sound good in a healthy way... I've also been having a croissant almost every morning!)

...I like trying these new --easy!-- things to make... but I really need to learn how to start making some lovely meals that are good for one person... good leftover... healthy... and easy to make.

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