Wednesday, October 30, 2013

bats in the library

...not real bats  : P

During the first half of 2007 I was substituting around Rochester, New York (in Penfield, Webster, and East Rochester). I subbed in all different classes and subjects... while subbing for a librarian one day, I did a lesson that I loved and have saved.

I recently used the basis of the lesson with 3rd graders... we read a non-fiction book about bats and shared some fun bat facts with each other. Then we read a fiction story about bats (Stellaluna) and discussed how it is different from the non-fiction books... yet we did still learn some things about bats.

Next class, we talked about facts versus opinions... and then the students blindly chose a slip of paper that had either a bat fact or a sentence that was an opinion about bats...

They cut the outline of a bat out of black construction paper, wrote their name in chalk on one side, glued their bat fact/opinion onto the other side, wrote an O for opinion or F for fact... all the while making sure that everything could be read when the bat was hanging upside down by its feet (since that was a fact that we learned!).

Below are a few pictures showing our bats hanging in the entrance to the library from the elementary wing. These are two out of three classes... the third was added after... (I love them!).

The 3rd graders seemed to enjoy it... although I think I should move it to 2nd grade for next year because I think it would be more relevant in their curriculum.

It's been fun to hear students of all grades comment on the bats when they walk into the library!

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