Saturday, October 5, 2013

living room jam session - Opera

Also last Saturday night... I went to a teacher's place who has worked at ASM for 10 years (or more!) I think. His wife is a PYP coordinator at another school in the city and, well... this is one of my favorite moments in Italy so far   : )

Robert and Mary's house is awesome... they live on a far side of Opera that I hadn't been to yet... and soon as I stepped inside, I could tell that they've filled the place with love, travels, and art. The group of people inside were great too - most of them I knew from school.

After eating and hanging out a bit... Josh (music teacher from Australia), Paolo (IB physics teacher from Cinque Terre in Italy), and Stephen (technology director from the States), each got on an instrument and started playing... it was awesome! They were great... Josh played the trombone, Paolo played the guitar and sang, and Stephen played a drum. It was mellow yet lively and fit perfectly with the energy of the space.

As I sat on the couch with a couple other teachers from school, we chatted and listened... and I thought to myself, There is nowhere else I'd rather be right now. And... I'm going to be happy here.   : )  A really great feeling to have!

Then... the guys took a break from playing and my head was hurting behind my eyes from being so tired... so I headed home. I think the party was probably just beginning for the night! ...but it was time to sleep for this girl...

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