Monday, October 21, 2013


The orientation committee at school set up for another trip to IKEA for the new teachers that wanted to go again.

My first time to IKEA, about a month and a half ago, I had just moved into my apartment in Opera and was able to find some great things.

This time at IKEA... my focus was mostly: storage!

I came out with a few goodies... but was most excited about 3 big boxes... a bookcase, a metal cabinet, and a wooden cubby-like piece with 4 drawers. Pretty stoked!

My Sunday afternoon was spent building.

(Lenny... as you're reading this, are you thinking back to when I put a huge hole into the lovely wooden cubby-bench that I bought some years ago?! ...I was thinking about that! ...and telling myself I better NOT dare do that again.)

I'm not exactly a professional at building things... but I do have 2 screw drivers and a hammer... and figured that if I went step-by-step and took my time... I could do it!

The whole time I was building, I was wishing that my DAD were here with me! He used to always put together our birthday and Christmas gifts that needed any construction. He's so good at these kinds of things. ...And I kept thinking that it would be nice to be able to do this together. ...In the end... I know that if he were here, he'd have helped me -- even though it would have killed his back! AND... in the end, I'm proud of being able to do all of this on my own.   : )  LOVE YOU, MISS YOU - DAD!

The first two pieces went pretty well:

Shown below are two views of the completed first piece...

The metal cabinet above is in my bathroom now...
perfect size for the spot... and great for storage!
The clear/white plastic container under the sink is no longer there...
and can now hold some clothes instead.   : P

The second piece is a bookcase to match the one already in the living room area...
my goal in buying another one was to stack them!

Mission completed!
(Although... I do hope no one bumps into it.)   : P

Pretty good with the first two pieces...

...Of course, I've saved the toughest one for last! ...Onto the next post...

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