Friday, October 18, 2013

CHILI mmmmmm...!

After making pesto mid-day, I then decided to make chili for dinner. It was the perfect meal with the cooler weather... and I've been enjoying it all week long!

I cheat a bit and use canned chili... I haven't ventured enough to try and really make my own... but I do love my chili, which I began making in Vietnam. This time I switch things up a bit and used chick peas since I didn't have any canned beans... and I love it with the chick peas! I also bought and used curry powder. Mmmmmm...

Oh - and hilariously... I asked at the store if they had canned pumpkin (zucca in Italian)... the man said No, they don't... but he brought me to the fruit/vegetable cooler and asked if I meant... a pumpkin? He pointed to a small, green pumpkin. Well - YES! That IS what I mean! Ha!

I love cooking and baking with canned pumpkin... but haven't thought to try a fresh pumpkin before... maybe it is more healthy, too?! I brought half the little pumpkin home and then looked up how to go about making it into pumpkin puree... I boiled cut pieces with some water... strained the water out... and used my little grinder for the 2nd time! Perrrrrfect.

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