Wednesday, October 2, 2013

train from Malpensa to Milan

I left Denver to head back to Milan on Monday morning... flying through Newark, NJ and then on to Malpensa - one of the airports in Milan. I arrived at Malpensa mid-morning on Tuesday and then took various forms of public transportation back to my cute town of Opera.

This is the express train from Malpensa to Cadorna Station in the city (a stop that connects with the underground metro)...

It's just 11 euro for the express train... and a nice ride...

Gorgeous day to welcome me back to Milan!
...And a view of The Alps   : )

After the express train... it was then a couple stops on the Metro... transferring to a tram at the Duomo... and then onto the bus to Opera. As long as I have the time for public transportation the airport, the 13 euro it cost me for the entire trip is a lot better than the 100-150 euro it would cost for a taxi!

For flights within Europe, I hope to be able to fly out of the Linate Airport - it's SO much closer to Opera! Opera is south of the city of Milan and Linate is on the southern line of the city... perrrrfect. There isn't really any public transportation that I can take there but a taxi is reasonable at about 30 euro.


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