Monday, October 7, 2013

stink bugs.

The mosquitoes were bad when I first arrived in Milan. Really bad. ...And they are HUGE! There were mosquitoes in Vietnam but not like this. I found bug spray at CoOp as soon as I could and would make sure to apply a bunch before heading to school for the first couple weeks.

Now, the mosquitoes seem to have lessened with the cooler weather.

...But our high school principal warned me that after the mosquito season... is the stink bug season. Oooooh boy. Ok.

This is my first encounter with stink bugs that I've noticed. And thankfully... I haven't had to fully notice them, haha. I've heard that if you kill a stink bug, that's when they smell... I've just let them be!

The past few weeks here, the mosquitoes don't seem as bad and I have definitely noticed stink bugs around... the principal was right!

I haven't noticed any inside my apartment yet, thankfully. ...Since my windows and balcony do not have screens, I seldom leave them open (a bit of a bummer). I have seen plenty of stink bugs though... and some are at school when the windows are open to get air.

Yesterday I went out onto my balcony and noticed the stink bug shown below... he's a bright green one! I've also seem brown ones...

...But like I mentioned... I just let them be... and so far, no troubles (knock-on-wood!).

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  1. I think we have them on the outside of our screens at home now. I just noticed them yesterday for the first time! Ours seem to be brown. I didn't know what they were until I saw your picture and looked them up online. Yuck!