Wednesday, October 2, 2013

public transportationssss - Malpensa to Milan

Continuing my public transportation adventure from the Malpensa Airport... I transfer from the metro to a tram at the Duomo... and enjoyed the view!...

This is the plaza in front of the Duomo... straight across and between the two buildings with the arched windows is where I catch the #9 tram... (Mom, Dad, and Sean... this is all exactly what you'll be doing in December!!)

After changing from the #9 tram to the #222 bus, which then takes me out to Opera.
The photo below shows the first view of Opera from the street (my building is behind these brand new ones...)

Getting off the #222 bus, I walk down this street... toward the lovely pink building (ha!)... and my building is the one on the left! It's all pretty easy... as long as I have the time.

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