Wednesday, October 16, 2013

new shoes!

I have pllllll-enty of clothes... let me start with that. BUT I always find that I need-want a certain something for a certain something... a basic that will be great and get lots of use... of course!

My apartment in Opera really doesn't have the storage space for more clothing or shoes... which is probably a good thing. ...Hooooowever... I have bought two pairs of shoes already.   : P
With that... I've also already been wearing both pairs a lot! I'm happy with the purchases.

I'm loving these tan mens-style shoes with a bit of a pointed toe...
I've been wearing them to work a lot; 
it's great that I can wear socks with them, unlike most of my flats.
(And they have a subtle pattern detail all over too!)

Jesye and I each got new shoes when we went into the city this past Saturday. Whoohoo!
We each wanted low boots... she wanted ones with a bit of a heel and I wanted flats.
We both found what we were looking for! Hers are the grey lace-ups and mine are the brown ankle boots. We wore our new shoes out the next night for a lovely Indian dinner in the city.   : )

Oh, and the photo above was when we were on the 24 tram heading back towards Opera. We decided to have one foot on the circle part that rotates around the turn... buuuut most of this tram's course is in a straight line.   : P

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