Wednesday, October 9, 2013

sunset on the ride home!


I had been feeling like the beautiful sunsets were done for now, with the change to cooler weather... BUT was treated to the gift of a view shown below on my bicycle ride home from school tonight! Whoohoo! Simply gorgeous.

The sun was a huge, orange ball. I first noticed it in the reflection of the school gate when heading out... and pedaled hard toward the path through the cornfield to catch the view full-on before it dropped too low. (Lenny... I went Stacia-Speed-PLUS to get there! Haha)

Also... today was just... Awesome.  : D

It was one of those days. In such a good way!

Starting this new job has been challenging and the hard-work has felt rewarding in ways... but some days I come home and feel like I'm questioning everything... such as... my teaching. These first (almost!) two months in Italy have felt such a mixture of: happiness, exhaustion, and being overwhelmed... but... definitely happy.  : )  ...And that feels good.

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